Sun Microsystems Packaging

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Derrick Lin


Thanks to Brian Wen of Continuum for sending in their design of this Sun Sustainable out-of-box experience. Continuum is a design and innovation consultancy firm with offices embedded in North America, Europe and Asia,

A recently rebranded Sun needed to communicate a company-wide sustainability initiative and provide an innovative out-of-box experience for their T2000 server line.

The packaging had to appeal to a different type of IT user: the eco-savvy and price point conscious Web 2.0 start up. Installation and unwrapping needed to be clear and easy. Because of this, a new set of challenges was at hand for the designers. The large rack-mounted units are heavy (adding a set of human factors considerations), came with a set of oddly shaped accessories (that needed to be presented appropriately to the user) and required (because of a unique sales and specification process) the product to be accessed by a 3rd party reseller before being delivered to the end user. The final result was one that reduced potential waste, remained true to the brand and appealed aesthetically and practically to all stakeholders.