Derrick Lin


Good Morning Technology (GMTN) developed an exclusive and simple packaging system which contains the latest series of Widex ITE (InTheEar) and BTE (BehindTheEar) hearing aid.

Widex needed a new packaging strategy which could be instrumental in the cohesion and positioning of the new products in the market. A strategy that would entail less self-invented and produced design from the retailers in the international market – which devaluates the overall Widex brand and raise the cost of development.

As the packaging is opened, a simple two-layer raster effect shows a sound wave spelling out the Widex slogan ‘High Definition Hearing’.

Since the design was meant for universal shipping for a multitude of pro¬ducts, the inner layers of the packaging can be modified by the doctors to fit exactly the content most optimal for the end user. The included transportation pouch is designed to give maximum protection of the devices during transport and at the same time have delicate touch points with the refined hearing aid. To achieve this, we designed a double molded silicone container for the pouch that fits the whole series of devices, enabling Widex to use this packaging worldwide in all major markets with an increased brand value.