Derrick Lin


Imagine a delicious, all-natural food bar, made with care in a country house on a family owned 3,000 acre wheat farm in a small town in Kansas. Meet Harvest Lark. It’s been our pleasure to work with these great people to redesign their brand for retail success. With the Fancy Food show in New York as the re-launching pad, Crave worked closely with the founder to create a new identity and packaging that would quickly communicate the brand’s authentic story and small-town charm to busy consumers. The project scope also included the design of the trade show experience. So far, the redesigned brand has helped increase sales, raise awareness as well as perceptions and even inspired buyout conversations with a Fortune 500 company.

Crave provides new brand creation, brand refreshment and brand integration services for grocery manufacturers and retailers. Whether we’re redesigning store brands for the world’s largest company or helping an entrepreneur launch a new line of all-natural food bars at the Fancy Food show, our promise is simply to, do great work.

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Harvest Lark