Fresh & Easy Cookie Crèmes

Derrick Lin


Designed by P&W, United Kingdom.

International Design Consultancy P&W has designed a range of sandwich cookies for Tesco’s US chain Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market. The range consists of a Chocolate cookie with vanilla crème filling and a Vanilla cookie with vanilla crème filling.

This style of cookie has been a family favorite for many decades, so the design had to encompass traditional values and heritage cues as well as having a fresh look and feel. Our approach was to showcase the cookie, by taking its shape, detail and moulding to create a bold pattern to frame the product titles. A glass of cold milk next to the photography of the cookies completes the scene.

These cookies contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, consistent with the Fresh & Easy ethos. To further enforce the brand values, the cookies are baked with the fresh & easy logo ‘clapple’ in the middle.

“In a heavily branded sector such as cookies, we needed the design to be strong and eye catching on shelf. We felt that our solution was bold and had the personality to compete in category and appeal to customers of all age groups”.