U.S. FEMA (Student Work)

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Ludvig Bruneau Rossow, a graduation exam project at Westerdals SOC, Norway. Photography by John Tøsse Kolvik.

The year is 2030.
The post-apocalyptic darkness have fell, and the earth as we know it,
has come to an end. This is the dystopic story of man’s existence after earth’s destruction.

The disaster and the subsequent ice age destroyed all organic life, and all forms of human civilization. There was nowhere to hide, the earth would soon be covered by a kilometer-thick layer of ice.

All hope for the existence of humanity, would always be lost, hadn’t it not been for…U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency.


Multi-functional, necessary, with focus on direct communication.

The supplies is designed in a way where the communication is directly connected to a room in the facility.

The symbol used on the food supplies is the same as used for the kitchen, to symbolize a clear link between the kitchen and food packaging.

Instruction Manuals

Fema’s vision is to ensure the reconstruction of a new global society. Due to this, it is important that there is stored information on how to solve all sorts of problems.

These instruction manuals has to include everything from detailed repair information, such as a circuit diagram, to quickstart guides on how to built a house or how to fish.