Derrick Lin


Designed by Dominique Tetzner, a design student at Universidad Católica de Chile.

Soy is a food with a lot of nutritional value and excellent quality, but is unknown to most chileans. Very little people consume this food and marketers don’t worry about their corporate identity because they are selling their products without a proper brand quality. The project’s target is to increase the value of natural soy products through a design strategy, allowing the external image to match the quality of the product inside and setting them apart from their competitors.

The products target women in their menopause transition stage, because of soy’s beneficial and nutritious properties for them. A new brand design is introduced for the three products in the natural soy line: Soy flour, Soy meat (textured soy protein) and Soy beans. The new brand name SOY relates to the products, and to women in that stage (in Spanish the word SOY has two meanings: soy= soya and soy= I am). The new packaging is a DoyPack therefore ending previous presentation, preservation and distribution problems. The use of green represents the natural product concept and makes good contrast with the color of the products inside. Natural and feminine shapes and curves inspired the brand logo design.