Illuminate (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Dan Hutcherson, Isaac Levin, Evan Funderburk, Brooks Patrick and Calvin Hutto, Clemson University, United States.

Illuminate, designed by a team of five packaging design students, is an inspirational cell phone package that serves to bridge the gap between sustainability, modern technology, and our natural environment. Third place award recipient of the 2010 Paperboard Packaging Association Student Challenge, Illuminate enthusiastically creates a package and brand that blends paper with technology through the use of printed photovoltaic panels.

This package invites customers to experience the unique design of a circular box. The form of the circle lead to a design process of iterative human actions where opening and closing the box became a memorable instance in the life of the cell phone. Consumers interact with the box through the actions of twisting and opening to reveal the functional interiors of the box: the prized cell phone and a printed photovoltaic panel. The photovoltaic panel creates the link between the package and the product, highlighting the importance of a package’s second life and a consumer’s happiness. Illuminate recognizes that all cell phone users are active participants of our global context and strengthens everyone’s goals of adventure, travel, and excitement. Why not—GO! with this package and Be Limitless.