Derrick Lin


Designed by Designers Anonymous, United Kingdom.

The popcorn is packaged in a clear pouch with a die-cut header card to give the product a premium feel. The product descriptor continued the dual personality theme, with Joe describing the all natural ingredients and cooking process, while Sephs description focuses on the sensory experience of the unique popcorn flavours. The copy is written in the style of an ‘English Gent’ in reference to the top hat within the logo.

The label and logo colour on the Caramel Macchiato with Scotch Whisky are flipped so that the label is the Rich brown. This is to denote that it is an spirit based product, this range is being developed to include other spirit based flavours.

Back of pack

The back of pack contains the line ‘If you don’t love my popcorn i’ll eat my hats’ – a confident and clever sign-off that describes Joseph’s belief in his superior product.