Esti Kornel

Derrick Lin


Designed by Avalanche Creative Agency, Hungary.

There’s someone who’s pulsing with the vibe of the city, always knows where the biggest party is on, which gigs shouldn’t be missed out for sure. From now on the city night’s essence is no longer missing from the shots as well: Esti Kornél, the new beverage arrived with it’s ultimately unique packaging design at its category, accompanying us with 5 different flavors through the night and helps to revive the dormant Esti Kornél side of us.

Hungarian author, Dezső Kosztolányi’s alterego and hero came back to life this fall in Budapest, showing all the hottest clubs, forecasting the mandatory parties and connecting the people of the evenings and nights. He’s the one who with to experience the city.

Esti Kornél, expert of the city night outs is also the brand new Hungarian beverage brand, which is just as special when it comes to flavors and design as Esti Kornél itself. This year november Esti Kornél is ready to step out with an unmistakable bottle form topped with a golden cap filled with peach, honey-peach, honey-elderberry, honey-raspberry and honey cherry flavours to become the new member of our company when hitting the town at night.