Hatziyiannakis Dragee


Designed by Mousegraphics, Greece.

Hatziyiannakis is the ‘top of mind’ dragee manufacturer in Greece with a history of 60 years in the (Greek) market. Aiming to promote their products in the European market, the company assigned us with the re-design of their corporate identity as well as the packaging for a brand new product range, the ‘pebbles’: round candy with a core of juicy fruit or nuts & bitter chocolate covered with a thin sugar coating.

The packaging for the Hatziyiannaki ‘pebbles’ is designed to focus primarily on the content, i.e. the product. Transparency allows the customer to see the product, while the image of the ‘halved’ pebble gives the necessary information on the ‘core’ of the sweet.

Target audience: anyone who buys and eats sweets, in Greece and abroad.