Zhong Hua (Redesigned)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Casa Rex, Brazil.

The branding was refreshed by repositioning the logo diagonally, adding rounded corners, creating a three-dimensional effect and including a smile-shaped icon; all of which help towards making the brand look more cosmetic and modern, as well as making it more relevant within the context of the Oral Care category.

“We rejuvenated the logo, taking care not to lose the character and essence of such a familiar and traditional Chinese brand.”
says Gustavo Piqueira, head of Casa Rex. As the creative director of the project he consulted with local Shanghai designer Bruno Porto, to ensure the consistency of the two ideograms that form the logo.

The new visual identity has been applied to all the packs in the Zhong Hua toothpaste portfolio – also developed by Casa Rex.
The design consultancy made use of reworked colours and created dynamic and fluid strokes, resulting in more contemporary and attractive packaging. The information architecture from each variant was also reviewed in order to facilitate better consumer navigation on shelf via the different platforms and benefits offered by the brand.