Don Simon Smoothie (Concept)

Derrick Lin


Designed by DZINE MAFIA, United Kingdom.

Experiment #4
I see the Don Simon ‘my little smoothie’ cartons pretty much everyday as they seem to be a staple part of my son’s diet. In fact one whole shelf in our kitchen is devoted to them! And although the drink itself is delicious, the packaging leaves a lot to be desired. Ugly typography sits with very bad illustrations and a logo that is inconsistent with other Don Simon products. So this little range of fruit smoothies easily fitted the DZINE MAFIA principle.

The redesign
The basic elements of the packs were there already – logo, product name and fun illustration. The biggest problem was there execution. They just look cheap, unconsidered and rushed, like one of the many pieces of packaging that seem to have bypassed the actual designer.

The DZINE MAFIA redesign retains the fun feel, but with interesting and friendly typography, beautiful illustrations with bags more character and secondary copy with more personality. Plus the correct brand logo.

The result
The final design creates a colourful and cute range of drinks, directly aimed at kids with characters they can easily associate with, whilst keeping enough information for mum’s through the little fruit icons and ‘1 of your 5 a day’ text. Ultimately I think I’ve created something that I’d be proud of my son slurping out of.

The current Don Simon My Little Smoothie range.