RootMedic (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Evan Wright, United States.

RootMedic is an up and coming aquarium fertilizer company that decided it was time for a facelift. Starting out as a company that ran out of the owner’s basement, it has come much farther than that, so they needed a new identity and packaging to match. To go along with the name, RootMedic, the packaging is rather sterile and simple at first glance. However, the color and light-hearted instructions on the back provide a fun and brightening effect on the user. Directed at serious and beginner planted aquarium hobbyists, it was designed to not only compare to top-shelf brands in performance, but also fit, and stand out visually on the actual retail shelf.

The extreme use of white may be seen as cheap, or as a cop-out, but it has it’s purpose. When compared to the top competitors, it stands out in uniqueness and design. Not to mention it puts the huge corporate brands to shame when it comes to both looks and performance.

It is a simple to use planted aquarium product line, that not only works on a professional level, but it has professional, quality looks to match.