Derrick Lin


Designed by Isaac Afonso.
Copywriter: Tiago Cruz
Country: Portugal

A good surfing day invites to hours of conversation with friends, tweets, and posts. A good surfing day makes you forget the crisis. A good surfing day rescues a bad week at work.

And for all of this, a good surfing day deserves a toast!

Designed by designer Isaac Afonso* & copy Tiago Cruz for Quinta do Monte d’Oiro Estate, located 50km up North of Lisbon and 50 km away from the Atlantic Coast, this wine is an homage to the waves and the surfing community in Peniche, “Europe’s California”, where a ASP World Championship Tour stage is held every year. It can be found at notorious local restaurant Tasca do Joel, local surf shops and surf camps.

Red or white wine, in english or in portuguese, left or right foot, it wonderfully matches a good meal after a great surfing day.