Cookie Box (Student Work)

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Antti Ojala, Finland.

Cookie box – New approach on packaging confectioneries

The whole idea for the concept came from the existing confectionery packagings. A vast majority of confectioneries are packed in a way not suitable for coffee tables or other settings. When customer has purchased a package of confectioneries in order to serve it for their guests, the package should adapt a new function. This rarely happens. The user tends to pour the confectioneries into another more suitable serving plate. I wanted to extend the life cycle of the confectionery packagings and produce more holistic alternative for the existing packagings.

Cookie box takes a whole new aspect for the packaging working as a serving plate. Packaging is structurally innovative with the ability and functionality of turning from protecting container into a tray for confectionary.

The whole form is simple and hidden when the packaging is sealed and even opening of the lid won’t tell everything about the upcoming experience. When pulled the sides, the packaging open up into a cookie tray so no other plate is needed for serving cookies. The transformation is clean and simple yet surprising creating the unique experience.