Global Versus Local

Derrick Lin


Designed and researched by Edward Long for his final major student project last year, United Kingdom.

Global Versus Local – Packaging design in other cultures

Using research gathered in the first phase of this University project, four ready-to-drink cocktail products have been produced in order to demonstrate the differences between globally and locally-branded products. Vitello uses the universal aspiration of Space to target a global audience, while the three local products (Yakutsk Ice, Iskylaren and Snow Crystal) all target young professionals in their respective cities of Moscow, Stockholm and Tokyo. A winter theme was used in all local products to promote and differentiate the design characteristics of each country.

The global product features refined design elements and a strong bottle shape, the Russian product consists of a strong brand story with history and heritage, the Swedish product demonstrates modernity and cleanliness with good design aesthetics, while the Japanese product shows a vibrant image-rich solution in order to compete in a busy retail context. This final University project has pushed my abilities and it was fascinating to both research and design for different cultures.