Art Lab Collection – World Travel

Derrick Lin


Designed by Josephine Yau M.L. of Art Lab Int’l Co., Ltd., Japan.

Art Lab Int’l is a Japanese company that is specialized in creating, producing and selling interior fragrant items. Our purpose is to contribute to the realization of a world with dreams, to bring wellness and comfort into people’s life. Art Lab products are a great way to bring fresh scent to your home.

The package has a worldwide famous mini-structure made of clay with fragrant oil in a glass bottle. The clay absorbs fragrance oil and diffuses smell. World Travel clay and oil set can be used in any occasion and corner of your home.

The marketing objectives or strategies that served as a basic for our solution
Travelling is a life altering experience and a once in a lifetime experience. A memory of a travel and it’s based on our philosophy “fragrance is visual”. Traveling can bring a new sense of life into a person; it would make it more interesting and give you a completely new view on the world. There are too many good reasons why people travel around the world. As we are specialized in creating fragrances from this point of view we were thinking why not to turn this concept into a clay and oil set. Fragrance is the most effective communication tool for human being. It helps well to refresh our memories. Traveling is an activity that can be enjoyed by just about anyone. It gets you away from your normal scenery to something totally new. With this World Travel series you can literally absorb the culture of each city. Traveling around the world can give you a much better understanding of how the rest of the world is doing and give you a new perspective on how you can enjoy your life. World Travel clay and oil set was on purpose designed in a white formal outer packaging but once the inner packaging has opened, the story of each city comes alive. With colorful images and figure silhouette in the inside is what makes this product an extra surprising impact. The inner packaging can also be used as one product itself, together with clay and accessory plate. Our target market is to all people who has experienced any kinds of ‘World Travel’ or even for those who hasn’t experienced yet can enjoy the beauty of the world with this gift. We just want to create something new and innovative and not just an ordinary fragrance product. Our goal is to make more upcoming smart designs, attend design competitions to expand the business because fragrance is visual! World Travel clay and oil set has temporarily five (city) senses with Paris, London, New York, Rome and Cairo. Traveling is an important thing in our life so there will be more cities in the near future. To be continued.