TTAF Smartphone Cover Packaging

Derrick Lin


Designed by Klaus Rosburg of SONIC Design, United States.

SONIC Design develops Structural Packaging and Graphics for TTAF

Smart phones are very personal lifestyle products and so are the protective cases, which catered to a broad target audience, are offered in all kind of materials, colors and textures. Often the retail packages for these cases struggle to effectively showcase the product design qualities and at the same time to communicate unique features or consumer benefits.

TTAF, a company manufacturing high-end cases and leather covers for smart phones and mobile computer tablets, hired SONIC Design to tackle this problem.

The creative team developed a compact cardboard package with vacuum-formed trays holding the phone cases or covers in place. Like a white canvas, the trays are kept simple and neutral putting full emphasis on the merchandise. The exterior clear PET sleeve combines protection with high visibility allowing the consumer to easily identify and inspect the product in retail. The wrap- around label band is printed directly onto the PET sleeve offering amble of space for critical information, to
call out unique design features and to apply propriety brand components. The framed window in the band serves either as a touch hole to check material and finishes or
highlights special features, such as the magnetic locks in a line of leather covers.

Becoming part of TTAF’s packaging identity, the lime green side panels draw not only attention, but also block the new package in a clattered retail setting against competitive products.Depending on the retail price of the cases, the frames around the touch hole are either printed or for the premium packaging, foil-stamped creating a sophisticated and high-end look.

In addition to the retail packaging for smart phone cases, the new design line includes packaging for computer tablet covers and cases, as well as for protective screen films.