Balis Flower Fabric (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Kalina Hristova, Bulgaria.
School: FH Joanneum, Graz, Austria

“Balis Flower Fabric” is a fictive project. The company is selling bulbs of garden flowers, created without the use of pesticide substances.

The packaging design mainly shows the especially designed and distinctive lettering of Balis, as well as the etiquette in the form of a leaf (“Tulipa”, a continuation of the unique aesthetic line enforced by the logo). The logo was silkscreened onto the bags. This technic allowed a fast drying process as well as qualified for later laundry circles. The material quotes the characteristics of linen material, which promises a good custody. An sufficient aeration saves the quality of its garden flowers. In a further stage, the bags should make more use of recycled materials, like fabric remnants for the closure. This shows the big importance for eco-friendly goods.

The idea for the name is based on the Tracian god of light “Балис”, which translates “white” (“бял” or “бел”). During the Middle Ages he happened to be of great importance for the Slawic folk. They believed he was their contributer to light, which lets their plants grow greatly. The light was a basic requirement for a bountiful harvest. This also counts for the bulbs of “Balis”, and the colour White becomes a symbolic role.