Designed by TrendsActive, The Netherlands.

Fairminds is a fair trade co-creation platform in the Netherlands. It aims to get young consumers (18 – 28) to participate in fair trade consumption, co-create with fair trade producers and activate others to start consuming fair trade products. Fairminds asked TrendsActive to create this (online) co-creation platform and it’s identity including a new fair trade product to be sold in Dutch stores. The result: the D.Y.O. (Design Your Own) paper craft kit. The paper craft kit is a package full of different sheets of paper from all over the world. It contains sheets from old Tunisian schoolbooks, paper made from elephant poop from Sri Lanka and more.

The design of the kit is based on two large symbols that are used within the design of the logo: the scissor and the pencil. The reason of choosing carton is that it enhances the fair trade & DIY message.