Hjertemod (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Simon Friis, Denmark.
Additional Credits: Pernille Posselt and Michael Sørensen

Hjertemod, Campaign packaging for Organ Donation Organisation

This project marked the end of our two your stay at the School of Visual Communication, Denmark. After this we all went our separate ways for internships. This project was big… 8 weeks, and we were given a very difficult subject… Organ Donation.

We decided to create a brand, merchandise and packaging instead of a more traditional campaign approach. All this was based on the insight that organ donation is not tangible enough for the danish people to relate to.

Here is what we came up with.
‘Hjertemod’ means ‘heartcourage’ and is a selfmade word to embrace and celebrate the collision between a corny grandmother-universe (patchwork and cross stitches) and a rough sailer universe (tattoo); in other words: the soft human in a hard shell. It’s a word carefully chosen to emphasize that it takes both courage and empathy to sign up as an organ donor.

The whole idea revolves around the idea of carrying and showing that you have made a choice about being an organ-donor, and wear it with pride. When one signs up in the donor registre, he or she receives a necklace with a wooden heart symboling both strength and fragility of the decision to donate ones organs.

We also created a clothing line inspired by organ donation showing the courage to walk around with your organs ‘exposed.’