Mr.Filbert’s Packaging Concept

Derrick Lin


Designed by Nuria Rodríguez of Mermelada de Sesos), Spain.
Additional Credits:

Mr Filbert’s is a snack brand that offers high quality nuts, made according with different and unique world recipes. The old packaging didn’t show the quality of the product, and didn’t show the product inside.

The problem was that the customers didn’t percibe that the product (whis is quite expensive in comparison with other similar snacks) was a high quality one.

My concept proposal for Mr Filberts is a new design that reaches all the different recipes in three different groups, depending on the main flavour, but being a part of the whole range.

Another thing to keep in mind was the style of the character, which was designed based on the Pink Panther cartoons, so I decided to use some geometric shapes, like in the Pink Panther’s movie opening.

*The photos of the nuts are not the final ones, this is just a mockup.

Current Packaging