Rushmore Essentials RE Beverage Line

Derrick Lin


Agency: Longo Designs
Designer: Nick Longo
Country: United States

RE is the delicious healthy lifestyle drink that lets us enjoy more life by nourishing and strengthening our minds and bodies with vital nutrients, and protecting us with powerful antioxidants. RE’s blend of 21 super fruits, powerful antioxidants, slow-burning (good) carbs, vitamins and minerals RE-juvenates, RE-vitalizes and RE-vives our mind and bodies. RE works like this: by nourishing our minds and bodies with nutrients with the fuel that these systems really run on, RE makes us stronger, so we can do MORE. RE protects us with powerful antioxidants so we can fend off free radicals.

The new packaging was designed to look upscale, yet communicate youthfulness. The bold RE mark plays off every benefit the products provide: Revive, Revitalize, Relaunch, Restore, Redo. It gives the consumer a sense of starting fresh with pure ingredient juices and energy drinks instead of the artificial stimulant-filled alternatives on the market.