Tulipa Gift Package (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Kalina Hristova, Bulgaria.
School: Informationsdesign, Austria.
Photography: Pro Carton

The gift package “Tulipa” opens itself like a tulip so you can see what the mystic kern has to offer.

This package is very individual. Like the people themselves.
You can design it however you like – just combine different paper colours and rubber bands and you have your very own unique gift package.
Your loved ones will feel how important it is for you, to appreciate him/her with such a lovely package. A present no one will forget!

“Tulipa” is a packaging design project developed during the course from Susanne Lippitsch at the FH Joanneum 2011/2012.
In this course the students were able to try out what the material of cartboard is capable of. That was a huge eye opener for me.

“Tulipa” was awarded with the 1st price at the Pro Carton/PPV Design Award 2012 in Austria, as well as one of the finalists at the Pro Carton International Design Award 2012.

Jury Comments
“This design was felt to be adaptable for a huge range of goods. Simply by putting two pieces of cartonboard together and pulling them up, a container is easily produced. This could be used for sweets, chocolates and a whole range of other products and can easily be used at the point of sale. Also these sheets can be made in a variety of different sizes and colours and designs so that the packaging can effectively be selected by the consumer when buying a product.”