Young Wine Torrelongares

Montalbán Estudio

C. de Antonio Maura, 17, 50013 Zaragoza, España

Designed by Víctor Montalbán of Montalbán Estudio Gráfico, Spain.
Photography by Unpardedos
Motion graphics by Motionplastic

The brand needed an added value to differentiate itself from its competition, so we brought the wine world together with literature, leaving out the tasting notes from the back label in order to substitute them with micro-stories by young writers. The result is fresh, direct, with great visual impact, and easily recognisable from a distance.

The campaign “Torrelongares with young writers” came from the idea of consuming a quality wine with no elitism and without worrying about the tasting notes, using literature as the element that differentiates and enriches the product.

We selected ten Spanish young writers with links to the production area, we invited them to write four micro-stories each, and we designed forty different back labels, so that no author would appear twice in the same box.

The label design allowed Torrelongares to stand out from its competition, using a language more suited to the product and its public, departing from abstract and superfluous elements, using only different typographical blocks with the information related to the wine. In order to strengthen the tactility of the labels, they were printed using a traditional technique; screen-printing. The image, which is honest and clear, was a success in sales and will continue to be used in future campaigns.

Besides the labels and the press kits, we edited a little bilingual book including all the stories, which we gave away to collaborators and friends of the winery. In this book we provided more information about the authors, with their biographies and a photograph taken by our collaborators, Unpardedos Fotógrafos, who knew how to capture the essence of each writer’s personal style: Daniel Gascón, Octavio Gómez Milián, Victor Guíu, Sergio del Molino, Ana Muñoz, Christian Peribáñez, Eva Puyó, Carmen Ruiz Fleta, Juan Luis Saldaña y Miguel Serrano Larraz. The authors also collaborated writing their own literary tasting notes.

As a last detail, we included the campaign’s logo (which we call “the fountain pen cup”) in the authors’ pages, starting with a full glass that gradually got emptier page by page. A book to read while enjoying a good glass of Torrelongares wine.