Derrick Lin


Designed by P&W, United Kingdom.
Illustration by Mary Woodin

International Design Consultancy P&W has redesigned a range of 15 standard fresh soups for Tesco. The ready to heat range includes flavors such as Mexican Chilli Bean, Thai Green Chicken and Broccoli & Stilton.

The original packaging needed a refresh, and the new design brings the soups up to date with current trends. The bright colors of fresh home grown vegetables are the inspiration, with the detailed watercolor illustrations of Mary Woodin reflects the concept of farm to table. The style of the holding device for the titles was inspired by seed packets, and the hand written style typography makes the packs feel friendly and approachable.

“The design is particularly effective because it’s easy to differentiate flavors through the ingredients shown in each of the illustrations. It has a good standout in store and effectively communicates the freshness of the product.” – P&W