Mary Big, Homemade Biscuits (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Alessandra Giorcelli, Spain.

This is a personal project that came up preparing Secret Santa, a gift exchange, between friends.

The spanish name of my ‘secret’ friend is Maria Grande that is where the naming Mary Big comes from (english translation). I created de logo design, the packaging and the product itself of this biscuit brand. Maria is a serene, calm and sensitive person, for that reason I decide to use a turquoise tone to transmit those values. I chose a recycled brown cardboard in order to transmit the authenticity of the product and its handmade production. The naturalness of the product is also highlighted through the different elements used such as fonts, shapes and tones.

The box contains seven cookies, each of them has a different letter and all together form the words Mary Big. They are made with no artifical butter, eggs, sugar and flour and a square of fondant of the same color as the central strip of the pack. This fact creates a compositional unity between the product and the brand itself.