Derrick Lin


Designed by Gustavo Arguello, Italy.

Plicopá is both a case and a support, entirely made of light cardboard. We say it’s a friend, because it protects your iPad from any collision and supports it in a stable and handy way whenever you read, write, chat…and so on. Plicopá is very easy, efficient and eco-friendly.

Despite other cases, Plicopá never hides your iPad’s design, instead it emphasizes it. While in use, your iPad’s perfectly visible in all its beauty, whereas when you put it away, a beautiful totally personalized cover safeguards it. Plicopá has bloomed from a very simple and functional design idea, where research for less polluting materials goes hand in hand with attention for aesthetics. Both during the production phase and in the disposal one, Plicopá is 100% recycable.

Though sustainability is not the only reason to chose Plicopá. The cover graphic is its strong point: in this first phase we have included 60 illustrations made by artists and designers, among which you can chose your favorite one. But it’s just the beginning. If you support our project, we’ll give many others the opportunity to create a unique artwork for Plicopá.