Vita Market (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Maria Theron, Venezuela.

The project was to create a new brand for a supermarket, I created VITA market. Vita is latin for life, this is healthy, pro life market, interest in the wellness of its costumers. The logo is two cherries that create the form of a heart, heart means life, cherries are fruits that are healthy. All the packaging of the products are divided in two, on top is a metallic color and in the bottom you can see the product. Depending on the category they have a color on the top and if the food allows it you can see the actual product as the bottom part is a transparent case like the rice and pasta, but in the cans and yogurt is an image.

After creating products for the brand the next step was the brand identity. The final piece of the project was an explicatory art board of 78×94 in to give all the information and process for the creation of the new supermarket.