Garden of Eatin’

Derrick Lin


Designed by Smith Design, United States.


The brand team at The Hain Celestial Group tasked Smith Design with creating a new look for Garden of Eatin’, the #1 brand of organic & natural tortilla chips. Smith described the challenge as a “more-ganic” facelift – to help visually reassert the brand’s leading position as the premium player in the increasingly crowded and competitive, healthy & natural snacks category.

Smith Design, the Glen Ridge, NJ and Carmel, California package design firm, redesigned the brand’s packaging, which previously employed a shiny, see-through bag, to a matte substrate for the entire line of over 30+ SKUs including the popular Yellow, Blue and Red Hot Blues tortilla chips. The design was received with immediate success and double digit growth for the brand.

“Smith Design has proven to be an instrumental business partner in refreshing one of our core brands during the past year,” said Joe Wilbeck, Senior Brand Manager on Snacks/Hain Celestial Group. “This brand was in dire need of a multifaceted brand refresh. Nimble, resourceful, strategic and creative, Smith Design developed breakthrough packaging that was more naturally appealing and representative of our core brand values. The results speak for themselves. Their great work was a key driver of the double-digit growth shown on our brand today.”

“The design takes a new approach, employing visual cues that clearly communicate the organic message,” added Martha Seidner, Executive Vice President of Smith Design. “The brand’s non – GMO claim strongly resonates with the natural and organic consumer. Burlap and parchment, combined with real corn imagery, evokes the premium position that’s true to the brand.”

Product photos clearly reveal the whole grain details of every chip and the new matte substrate further conveys the natural image.

Smith also redesigned the Garden of Eatin’ brand identity, removing the logo’s tilt and “fiesta fun,” child-like attributes, evolving it to a “decidedly more sophisticated, proud identity that reinforces the brand’s trusted heritage and authentic, natural position,” said Seidner. Additionally, key information on the pack has been organized in a way that’s easy to navigate among a sea of variants, with the stable of flavor colors retained and optimized to help consumers quickly find their favorite.