Derrick Lin


Designed by Bessermachen design studio, Denmark.

Design that reflects handmade caramels – a class by itself

“karamelleriet” is a product of 2 enthusiasts, a common dream, and the respect for old handcraft. This is complete handmade products from own production. The new visual universe must reflect the exact values and at the same time being innovative and dare to be different.

With a new identity that contains everything from Logo and packaging to display and flyers “karamelleriet” has achieved an expression that is the caramel production worthy. The design is developed by Bessermachen design studio in close collaboration with “karamelleriet”

The entire expression is based on the most essential: the caramel
The contrasting curves which occurs during the whole process and the simple and elegant expression the finished caramel has.

The first steps were to enclose “karamelleriet” and their craft in a logo which is unique and handmade.
The soft caramels organic shape and the characteristic lines when it is stretched became the foundation for the hand-drawn logo.

The primary and supporting color is grey-brown with purple shades. In addition to that there is secondary and a tertiary color to vary with.
The additional colors that is been used around the three colors is fresh but soften down. They each reflect the taste they represent.

A fresh contrast to the logo and a timeless choice. LL Brown is classic grotesque. Solid craftsmanship but with fine and at times crooked details that in the overall picture creates a unique expression – Quality and small details.

Graphic element
The triangle is taken from the “bow” that is tied in each end of the caramels. The triangle is the detail that makes the design connect across media – the red thin line.

Packaging concept
The shape on the label that binds the entire packaging concept is made based on the caramel.
Again is it the triangle that is used as a graphic element. The small references for the caramel are understated and elegant.

Cream caramel/butterscotch/toffee
The three main colors are used as background and helps differentiate between the variants.

The label concept remains despite new format. The view has been integrated to create a connection and focus on the content.

The drawing
The label concept remains despite new format. The view has been integrated to create connection and focus on the content.