Riserva di famiglia

Derrick Lin


Agency: BREAK
Designer: Alessandro Di Bello
Account Director: Paola Garavaglia
Country: Italy

Rizzoli is an historical brand in the fisheries sector. Its name is synonymous with quality since 1906. The main values of the brand revolve around its familiar management and a strict respect of the traditional production processes.

The objective was to design a new line for one of the most important supermarket chains in Italy. The consumer was required to understand how Rizzoli products were by all means comparable to cheese and other quality seasoned foods, were working processes and conservation play a fundamental role.

The name Riserva di famiglia stresses how the products belong in the same category as the best foods reserves, while a little leaflet specifically illustrates the production and seasoning process. On the graphical side, black and silver add premiumness, and black and white pictures of barrels remind of the traditional processes involved. Flashy colours give personality and let the packaging stand out on the shelves.