TerraCotta Craft Beer (Concept)

Derrick Lin


Agency: Opificio Lamantini Anonimi
Designer: Simonato Luca Manuele e Triffiletti Francesco
Country: Italy

“TerraCotta” is the a minimal brand and packaging concept designed by Opificio Lamantini Anonimi for Zago (an italian beer firm specialized on craft beer).

We put on the bottles sleevers all the information about the product to underline the craftsmanship of the beer, to “educate” and to guide the consumer through the recipe and the ways to taste and drink all different kinds of beer.

We called this brand “TerraCotta” to link it to the nature of the product itself. “Terra” means “soil, ground”, where the hop’s seeds grow up. “Cotta” is a particular step of production, specific of the craft beer process. The fusion of these two words recalls the craftsmanship of the product.