molivi design studio

Navarinou 27, Chalandri 152 32, Greece

Agency: Molivi
Type of work: Commercial
Country: Greece

The brief:
MONOPATI SA, a Greek trading and export company approached us in order to develop from scratch a brand for their unique extra virgin olive oil. Our challenge was to give the right name, design the logo and appropriate packaging for a product that would target the international delicatessen market.

The product:
100% extra virgin olive oil of superior quality produced from selected olives that are hand-picked and sorted, then cold-pressed solely by mechanical means.
The olives are grown in sun-drenched olive groves in the hills of Geraki, Peloponnese, at an altitude of 160 meters, which is considered ideal for the production of olive oil. The pine forest nearby combined with the cool breezes off the Ionian Sea help the trees produce a golden-green olive oil of superb quality with low acidity, a rich aroma of fresh olive and a gentle, natural taste.
It is available in three versions and packed in containers of 250ml and 500ml. Limnes and Afanoules regions differ in the olive variety and oil taste and there is a Bio version solely from biological cultivation of olive trees.

The brand name:
Several prerequisites and basic criteria for the brand name evaluation were agreed with our client. The brand name had to be legible in Latin, convey properties and values ​​of the product, be differentiated from competition, place the product in the market environment that it aims and finally tell a story.
We therefore came up with the name Monakrivo, which in Greek means unique, precious and beloved. Monakrivo is a word which carries great sentimental value, usually used when referring to a child.
Unique, because it comes from the unique environment of the Peloponnese and has a unique texture and flavor. Precious, because of olive oil’s valuable contribution in our diet. Beloved, because it is crafted with loving care.

The design concept:
Our aim was to harmoniously combine simplicity and prestige with a friendly disposition.
The visual approach for the logo and label is simple, elegant and timeless. We created an abstract visual leaf and olive fruit that at the same time take the form of symbol/seal.
Our client wanted to stress the importance of the nutritional value of olive oil. So we designed a creative approximation indicating the level of consumption (bottle/side view). We remind consumers of the nutritional value of olive oil by rewarding consumption with cheerful and encouraging words.

The awards:
Monakrivo extra virgin olive oil confirmed its name by winning 3 awards in the International GOLD ARISTION 2014 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Packaging Awards. More specifically, it won the gold award for the overall packaging design, as well as two silver awards for bottle & packaging label.