Beck’s Boom Box – NZ Music Month

Curious Design

Auckland, New Zealand

Agency: THINK Packaging
Designer: Mat Bogust
Artwork: Curious Design
Client: Beck’s
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: New Zealand

Beer making is an art, but Beck’s takes that a tad more literally with its bespoke music inspired art labels.

An eclectic mix of musical genres influenced the newest range of New Zealand exclusive Beck’s bottles. Each label motif is a reflection of cover art for a specific genre of music, in an exaggerated, almost clichéd way. From indie to hip hop, rock to pop, heavy metal to punk, Beck’s has captured the varied sounds that are ever-present in the NZ music scene.

The packs were designed to hold Beck’s beer & hand delivered to radio and TV stations to spur on discussions around the newly released labels, in line with NZ music month. As you open up the boom box, you’re presented with 6 beers on ice, nice. Once you pull them out you’ll see that you have more goodies underneath… Hip hop inspired pop out glasses, coasters, retro tapes & a USB with the sponsored Beck’s track lists for your listening pleasure. Oh and underneath that, more beer.

Straight out gangster….