Topfood launched its bread gourmet cheese packaging that stands out not only by the POS graphic design, but also for the innovative way in a slice of cheese.

The design was based on the concept that the product has loads of cheese in its composition. The graphics are aimed at exploring the concept of gourmet product, demonstrating to consumers that the product has superior quality differentials.

Moreover, the information of the package have different values ​​created attention with relief and application of special varnish, following the logic of tagging and marking cheeses made in “gourmet”.

Along with this also creates a hint of differentiated mount POV, where the union of six packs form a replica of a cheese.

Alongside these attributes, the shape of the package is built without the use of glue, reducing costs and enabling information such as the method of preparation, occupy the inner part.

The colors give clarity and distinction to the product on the market competitors “gourmet”, by not using the same characteristic palette, drawing attention both in initial purchase and in repurchase.

All design work is signed by the mining agency Picture Industry, which developed the project, created the logo, graphic design and shape of the packaging.