Love Your Leather

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Peter Chinitor
Client: Mister Minit
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: Belgium

“Love your leather” is a professional treatment to clean, nourish and protect all leather goods. As Mister Minit is rather known for his range of quality shoe care products, this product needed another approach and an attractive packaging.

To increase the visual impact on the shop displays, the idea was to develop, at least at first impression, a whole new range of specific leather care treatments. HOME for leather couches & chairs, CAR for leather car seats & dashboards, FASHION for leather bags, jackets & trousers.

But actually there is only one product for all applications.

By presenting on each side of the box one application, and turning each box 90 degrees on the display shelve, we created a kaleidoscopic effect. It gave us also the opportunity to make “hearts” with the connecting leather signs.

The message is clear: Love your leather