Mountain Villagers Products (Concept)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Ana Novaković
Client: The Society of Mountain Villagers
Type Of Work: Concept
Country: Serbia
Figurines by Ljubiša Šapić

Packaging design for the Society of Mountain Villagers, Serbia.

All of their products are manufactured on the spot, without preservatives or any other additives.

There were a few things that I had to keep in mind when designing-
1) Packaging had to be highly economical as their budget was tight
2) It had to be easy to transport, as the roads leading to their villages are hardly existent
3) It needed to be easily assembled by untrained people
4) As their products are without any preservatives, they needed to be guarded from light
5) Most households already have a large stock of various jars and bottles they’ve accumulated over years, but there’s no place to recycle them nearby

All of these reasons above affected the final design, resulting in an impactful pattern to be created that could be screen-printed on large rolls of paper, and accompanying it with labels that could be applied by anyone familiar with the guidelines.