Bal Nègre – Délices Au Chocolat

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Roger Pellizzoni
Client: Alsace Food Excellence
Location: Blumenau/Brazil
Project Type: Commercial Work

Bal Nègre project through these packaging called “Gift Box” (English term used in Portuguese), are part of Alsace Food Excellence project of outsourcing.

Alsace is a Brazilian company which works with the best selection of products (fine food) around the world and the development of its own brand to finally distribute in the Brazilian market.
In this case, the brand was inspired by Josephine Baker, a jazz icon in the 20’s in Paris, known as La Baker. Bal Négre was a jazz bar where La Baker used to meet friends for a few drinks and some fun.
The design was inspired by Art Deco, according to those times.

Our idea was offer a Gift Box to carry the delicates French chocolate truffles to remind that glorious time composed by jazz and glamour.

Our selection is composed of 5 packaging according to our flavours:
– Noisette (Hazelnut)
– Mixte (all flavours in one single box)
– Classique (Pure Chocolate)
– Champagne
– Cacao Gruè (Cocoa Beans)