Let Them Eat Cake (Concept)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Natasha Radosavljevic
Country: Serbia
Additional Credits: Alex Error
Type Of Work: Concept

I love designing labels and packaging. It’s what I do. Not just in my 9-5, but in my spare time too.

The other thing that I love is making chutney’s. I love them so much that I constantly cook them up, jar them, and gift them away to friends in packages individually tailored for the person meant to receive it. This eventually inspired me to design my own line of homemade condiments – the first of which you’re looking at right now. Inside the jar you’ll find eclectic flavor combinations, while the label is illustrated by hand before being scanned onto the computer.

My inspiration came from Marie Antoinette’s love of elegant French pastries, her glamorous hairstyles and those famous words: “Let them eat cake”.

The jars are covered with Serbian daily-issue newspapers, while ribbons give it a decorative touch.

All of my jams are entirely sweetened with fructose with no artificial ingredients added, because Marie Antoinette doesn’t eat additives or preservatives.