Safari Sundays rebrands and gives birth to Steve

Derrick Lin


Agency: Safari Sundays
Designer: Adam Walko and Simone Fabricius
Country: New York, NY
Type Of Work: Self Promotion

Who is Steve?

Our sight, smell, sound and sixth sense.

A taste factory that changes skin. A monster, wrong in all the right ways…

Steve is at the heart of our new identity, the proud icon of Safari Sundays.

Our original identity was born in 2005, keeping things simple whilst embracing our sushi loving, flame throwing, Technicolor influences.

But as we grew and spent more time doing the things we believe in and getting rid of those we didn’t, our mark began to miss the point – of the culture, collaboration, contradiction and everyday adventures that make us and our clients love to call Safari home.

So we took to the woods, did some serious soul searching and as our own most ruthless clients, we finally got it – and it set our minds on fire.

Steve; weaving together the Safari and the Sundays, exploring the wilderness to find something fresh and then taking stock, seeing potential and creating something new.

Steve; mischievous and marvelous, where nothing is quite as it seems, a living identity with volume and mystery that changes everything it swallows into something better.

Steve; fluid and rigid, for now and everything ahead, driving our own work and transforming our client’s brands into exciting visual, verbal, tactile and aural stories.

Founder and Chief Creative Officer Damon Gorrie says ‘Steve captures something truly unique about Safari Sundays – the collective impact that each and every one of us, our partners, our clients, our llamas and our dogs have on who we are as people and the work that we do – he inspires us to continually be better than we thought we could be’.

Joint creative directors, Adam Walko and Simone Fabricius embody the duality at the heart of Safari Sundays “We are a juxtaposition and a partnership with extreme emotion and rational thought. Our ability to embrace that tension with open minds and true collaboration is where the magic happens.”

This is the new Safari Sundays.