The Tomato Stall Re-brand



Design Agency: Designers Anonymous
Designer: Darren Barber & Christian Eager
Client: The Tomato Stall
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: England, UK

Packaging, market stall banners, website, product leaflets, stationery, vehicle livery

The Brief / Solution:
Established in 2007, The Tomato Stall is a grower and producer based on the Isle of Wight, its speciality tomatoes and tomato inspired artisanal products are sold in farm shops and delis throughout the UK, as well as their stalls of the weekly farmers’ market in London and the south. Because of its unique location on the Isle of Wight, every tomato gets more sunshine, which contributes to the tomatoes distinct flavor.

The Tomato Stall lacked an identity that conveyed the quality of its product and ability as an established grower and producer, capable of supplying the needs of a big supermarket. It needed to reposition itself in order to appeal to sophisticated “foodies”, subsequently, it needed a complete re-brand. We dug deep: reaching its roots helped us tell the story and increase understanding, to clarify the brand and its provenance.

We gave the brand more confidence and presence on shelves by featuring the brand name more predominately on packs. Its “Isle of Wight” descriptor, was cleverly integrated with vine inspired typography. The rays of sunshine cast a shadow over the brimming crate, a nod to its heritage, add to the illustration of sun-soaked tomatoes. The strap-line, “more sunshine, more taste”, rested in the shadow (which references the shape of a market awning) helps complete the story.

To highlight the Isle of Wight messaging, and to give the off-the-shelf bottles and jars a more premium look and feel, we die cut the label. The neon colors of the previous designs were replaced with a more appropriate, rich, earthy colour palate that adds taste appeal, and helps consumers better shop the range.

We incorporated further discovery on the back of pack, where the tomato vines illustrate that The Tomato Stall is both the grower and producer, and revitalized the signature bumblebee to communicate The Tomato Stall’s green credentials. This illustrates that the company is dedicated to using sustainable growing methods and have earned Conservation Grade status. We crafted bespoke font and graphics that evoke the meticulous care that is evident in everything The Tomato Stall does. The introduction of clever copy, “ketchup with our latest news”, and “heard it through the tomato vine”, encourage consumers to further engage with the brand.

The graphic elements and language created for the packaging became valuable brand assets for other touch-points such as the website, point of sale, collateral, market stall banners, tomato boxes, and apparel.

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