Shopping List (Self Promotion)



Designer: Olaniyi Rasheed Akindiya Akirash
Location: Austin, Texas, USA
Project Type: Self Promotion

In the past the food we consumed as people was mostly organic. Food was not influenced by the money makers or the business men and women who are so much into QUANTITY not QUALITY. Now they have influenced the farmers with chemicals to pollute the land and fruits that comes off of the farms. Today many of us are too busy to prepare food or cook for at home, or the percentage of people who know how to cook are few, so we all depend on this junk product called FAST FOOD. We all run thorough the grocery and we don’t even have time to read the contents used to produce this packaged food we buy. Not that all packaged foods are bad for our health. There are still a few which are good products to consume. I think we should spend more time encouraging our Farmers to plant organic foods and we as people need to create more time to spend in our kitchens. Also in this project I focus on the amount of junk we throw out of our house daily.

SIZE: 5 X 5 X 11 FT, YEAR: 2014, MATERIALS : Various food, goods packages/ boxes, hot glue.

“I would like to thank MFA ( Mariam Fadeke Akindiya), MOLA ( Michelle Oreoluwa L. Akindiya) for their support in searching the dump for the boxes. I would like to say thank you to all members of Mass Gallery Austin for the opportunity to use their space during the HOTBOX Residency which gave birth to this project. And lots of thanks to Austin Ecology Action Center.” – Olaniyi Rasheed Akindiya Akirash