7 Spooky Halloween packaging

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Derrick Lin


Trick-or-Treats! Halloween is just around the corner and we have put together 7 really “spooky” packaging design for you.

Sugar Skull Chocolate Milk Stout by Ten Fifty-Five Brewing

Built on a solid milk stout recipe we’ll be adding free trade Ecuadorian Cacao nibs and Tahitian vanilla. My grandmother loves this easy drinking stout.


Creative Creatures by Grain Creative

From the screaming zombie to the mermaid with the vindictive smile, Grain Creative wanted to ensure the invitations had a humorous aspect to them, drawing influence from 50’s horror films and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Frozen Ghost Vodka by Levenson & Hill

Frozen Ghost Vodka is a new entry in the crowded super-premium vodka marketplace. Arresting packaging is vital to success in this segment, both for the bottle and the box it arrives in. This design capitalizes on what the name suggests, both eeriness and the appetite appeal of a chilled vodka with an ethereally smooth flavor.

Sanuki Udon

From the Shikoku region, this special edition packaging celebrates the ghost festival where families gather together to have a hot bowl of udon.


Halloween Survival Kit by Elizabeth McMann

Halloween Survival Kit containing eight smaller packages to equip you for the scariest night of the year! Wooden Stake, Garlic, Salt, Holy Water, Crucific, Sage, Silver bullet and mirror.


La Catrina Wines by Muerto Me

Ghostly wine bottles with a wedding theme. The concept was to have a representative wedding party so that when the bottles were placed together, you would get a sense of an entire wedding scene. But, each individual image had to stand on its own as well.


Halloween pack for Lyle’s Black Treacle by Design Bridge

The idea was to get consumers excited about the range of child friendly recipes that can be created at this time of year using a great tasting product. The concept was to turn the entire pack into a pumpkin head – fun and engaging for kids and perfect for re-use as a trick or treat collection pot during halloween.