Homeless Aid Kit (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Edmundas Jankauskas
Project Type: Student Project
School: Vilnius College of Design
Location: Vilnius/ Lithuania

Homeless aid kit. A project for my Communication lecture in Graphic design studies.

I was doing an investigation on waste containers in my neighbourhood, when I realized that the real problem wasn’t what we leave after ourselves. The problem was people, who go and collect what we throw away, homeless people and how we help them. And what do we do to help them socialize and live normal life? Almost nothing. So I decided to make a kit for homeless people, which would help them in their daily life. Homeless aid kit contains: 1 tool for collecting plastics from containers (made by a real example, used by 1 women in my neighbourhood), 2 pairs of gloves (for protection from possible diseases) and 30 strong plastic bags.

Packaging itself contains useful information about places to stay in the night, get something to eat or take a shower.

This aid kit could be given freely by city municipality organisations, or in places, like homeless people hostels.