Paper Doll Party

Derrick Lin


Printing: Elanders UK
Client: Tesco
Location: United Kingdom

Printer and Retailer create their own Paper Doll Party

In order to entice customers during busy shopping periods, for instance Thanksgiving and Christmas, businesses and retailers alike need to brainstorm and create innovative ideas and marketing campaigns that help promote their range of items in all of their glory to potential customers.

Digital printing partner, Elanders UK, worked with the largest supermarket retailer in the UK, Tesco, to provide them with high quality print and packaging materials to bring their Christmas clothing campaign to life.

Tesco wanted to create a campaign that would target bloggers who reside in Britain and are interested in fashion and beauty. These bloggers have thousands of readers around the world and they share their specialist advice on how to put the perfect outfit together. The Paper Doll Party campaign consisted of different packages customised for bloggers in the industry and contained a selection of handcrafted biscuits bearing the Florence & Fred (Tesco’s own clothing brand) logo, a number of miniature paper doll outfits and a paper doll created to look like the blogger themselves.

The dolls outfits were printed on self-cling vinyl, which is the perfect material to allow them to be placed on the miniature models. They stuck to the models using electrostatic PVC film that doesn’t need any sticky glue or left over residue. The result of these two materials being used in combination allowed miniature glossy clothing items, which could be peeled, repositioned, swapped and changed until they were happy with the dolls outfit choice.

Tesco illustrated the dolls and outfits in house and Elanders were in touch with the F&F online marketing manager throughout as planning and delivering this campaign with a high level of detail and to the high standard required would add a level of complication. The dolls, outfits and biscuits were delivered in cardboard rigid boxes with paper laid over which displayed the Florence and Fred branding along with the Twitter hashtag for the social media campaign.

Sarah from The Temporary Secretary blog, who received one of the packages, said “F&F has been one of her favourite brands to work with in 2013, as they really understood the principles of social media and the impact of collaborating with bloggers and YouTubers.”

She added, “F&F has come up with clever ideas that are fun and fresh, which always achieve great results.” F&F reported that the campaign was received really well by all of the bloggers involved in the campaign as the element of personalisation was delivered really well and put a smile on the bloggers face.

For Elanders involvement in the social media campaign, the worldwide printer has been shortlisted for the Digital Printer Awards within the ‘Adding Value’ and ‘Innovation’ categories. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on October 2nd 2014 at the Marriott London, Grosvenor Square in London.