Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: BREAK
Designer: Luca Franceschi
Client: Ferrero
Location: Milan / Italy
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work

Tronky a wafer biscuit by Ferrero, belongs to the confectionery snack category. Like every snack, Tronky is sold by the till and its colours are energetic and dynamic. The product is sold in one flavour only (except for some seasonal flavours).

Prepare the Tronky brand to 2 new product extension and reposition it as a dessert, encouraging customers to consume it as an after dinner (in supermarkets the product would be shifted to different shelves as well).

To stress the presence of 2 new flavour extensions, each of them has been given emphasis with a monochromatic packaging and a key visual that represent it. To move away from the snack world, the former energetic red colour has been reused only for the classic hazel flavour, whereas for the new ones soft and mild colours have been chosen. For the same reason, the large window on the old packaging has been turned into a wavy, and more elegant white line. Beforehand the product was depicted in its wrapping, while now it is “naked” to stop suggesting “on the go” consumption. The logo underwent a soft restyling as well to appear more elegant and premium.