Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: calcco
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Logroño, Spain

The Vinsual family consists of 3 wines QDO. Rioja which follow two packaging design lines: In one hand a Red wine and a White wine whose designs reflect the essence of ancient epistolary correspondence (those eagerly awaited letters which were read with passion) and are complemented by a cylindrical case as a mailbox (it could not be otherwise) and on the other hand, a Reserva red wine that leads us to the sea from the hand of one of his most lyrical elements, the conch, the starting point to guide us to the eye that sees everything and decipher the hidden message.

Vinsual is a wine to be watched, a wine as a gift, a wine with a message. Vinsual is a project which envolves packaging, graphic design, typography, mobile application, web development and augmented reality. Each bottle has the possibility to include a hidden message that only the recipient can decrypt making use of smart phone or tablet. But basically, we’re talking about the history of man. The need to communicate by any means. The new and the old shake hands.