Neleman 50 Reasons & 30 Wishes

Derrick Lin


Designer: Albert Virgili Hill
Photography: Lia Marrugat
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Derrick Neleman
Location: The Netherlands

A customized bottle of wine, that is how unique and fun wine shopping can be. Consumers can tick one or more reasons to buy this wine on the bottle itself and give it as a present. Or, tick a wish on the bottle they want to send with it. 50 Reasons & 30 Wishes are Spanish organic wines from Neleman.

Wine is in the top 3 of most given presents. No wit is possible to customize the bottles of wine you want to give. The bottles give you reason enough to buy them and many wishes to share with family, friends, colleagues or boss. Humour, organic quality wine and a great feeling as well when buying as when giving these wines.

Besides celebrating occasions like birthdays and festive holidays, you can also commemorate hilarious moments such as “I scored last night”, and select up to 30 wishes—“happy hangovers”

If it comes to enjoy live to the fullest there’s always a reason to drink a bloody good wine. That’s why we came up with 50 Reasons & 30 Wishes. You can make these two organic wines perfectly yours by customizing them the way you want. 50 Reasons you can share with someone you love just for every reason you can think of. 30 Wishes gives you the opportunity to surprise someone you like on every occasion possible. So whatever day it is, it’s just a perfect day for 50 Reasons & 30 Wishes.

Let’s just imagine a wine bottle that gives you many reasons to buy it and share it with the people you like, and for the reason you want. Just like a multiple choice test. Choose a good reason to share a fine bottle of Organic wine! 50 Reasons & 30 Wishes are the first customizable wine labels that encourages people to share a bottle of wine, for so many good reasons.