Wrenz Portable Speaker

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Agency: McCoy Bespoke
Designer: Alvin Tham
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Gavio
Location: Singapore
Packaging Materials: Recycled Cardboard and Foam

The speaker (also designed by McCoy Bespoke), is shaped to look like a little Wren bird. It reflects on nature, life and the environment. Hence the entire packaging is made out of 100% recycled materials. The outer core is made of cardboard and no secondary processes are used to keep the natural look and rustic feel of the material. The flap is held together by a die cut shape of a Wren bird.

The manufacturing tolerances used to ensure the flaps clasps together tightly is a new technique used in the die cutter blade, primarily in the material of the blade and the sharpness. The outline of the Wren bird had to be carefully adjusted to ensure maximum contact surface between the cut hole, and the extrusion on the flaps.

Sustainable and Recyclable
The box can be reused after purchase. The internal foam can be easily removed and the hard-shelled box can be used to store personal items.

Environmentally Friendly
All materials are 100% recycled and can be recycled again and reused. The ink used to print on the box are only printed once and no overlays are used.

The internal layout design is kept standard as to all packaging projects from Gavio. The way the two lids open resembles an action when someone opens a really exciting present. On the inside, the polished chrome body shines and reflects brilliantly among the rustic colour and material of the box. Because of the natural look and feel of the packaging material, the packaging can be blended naturally on wooden boxes, crates and grass patches during product launches and photoshoots.

Branding Identity
As with all Gavio packaging projects, the packaging has to be unique and not seen on the market. This helps the product to stand out from the rest of the competition.

Because the speaker is designed by McCoy Bespoke, the packaging was pretty much set by us. It had to make sense to the product. It has to reflect on nature and life itself. That was the theme.

Therefor, no plastics were to be used for the packaging. Only 100% recycled materials were used and the cardboard was kept bare without any additional coating or finishing to maintain the earthy and rustic look.

And because the product is so unique, the packaging has to be unique. From the way it opens and closes, to the way it presents itself to create that sense of tingling excitement to the consumer, that he/she will be treated to something truly unique and special.

The packaging design of the Wrenz, has to create a build-up of excitement during the process of opening it. We succeeded in creating that sensation and its what we think great packaging is all about.